Gersony Silva


Infinity in a Dream ...

...It was a recurring dream in my childhood and I can still recall the sensations today.
There was a huge dark space, an unfathomable depth, and I was in it, floating next to a gigantic moving spiral. My body melted into this space and followed a natural path on which my eyes finally were unable to see. There was a distant point at which the lines of tenuously spiraling light joined and plunged in a huge black void, and insisted on signaling that its end had not yet been reached so there was a long way to go. An experience of being part of something grandiose, in which fear gave way to courage, and an inexplicable and pleasurable sensation arose so powerfully and magically that it turned from insignificance to greatness.

Perhaps this space is a tunnel leading to the depths of our soul. A gateway to be crossed, a path to the other side, back to our home; a return to our infinite.

Gersony Silva