Gersony Silva


My Movements

Pursue something that might exist, but is still in suspension; and bring it to the here and now as an image or feeling. A gaze immortalized in the motion of things - things in motion; it is life! Life in the pulsation of our bodies as friendly shelter of our soul, but one that also suffers and hurts.

An invitation to a warm and generous inward gaze, where the whole lies and our intimacy resides, caves of our existence. Caves, crevices, creases, movements, bodies ... Non-static. Like cells of the universe, we are one single body, part of a living whole.

Accept and respect this body shelter, ours, yours, different, deviant, since the body passing through is always landscape in motion. Motion is life, inclusion is life in motion.

Perhaps I only become aware of the existence of my own body and the importance of motion when illness prevented me from walking as a child.

After this experience of pain, I regained my litheness and discovered the magic of almost flying in the persistent motion of classical ballet.

My artistic education began at an early age as a means of studying expression and pleasure, a real labor of love.

From the need to share my love for art, and my conviction not only of its importance for educating human beings but also the possibility of transformation through art, on top of my work as an artist, I turned to teaching the arts and art therapy.

Now as an artist and researcher, art educator and art therapist, I continue with the work I started in my adolescence: taking art to the socially excluded.

In addition to volunteering, I have developed art therapy and rehabilitation with seniors, teenagers and disabled children.

I am still looking for crevices in which art as expression of life is constantly and mysteriously showing us what is new. An art that does not exclude, that places us on the same level, that heals.
Gersony Silva